piątek, 30 lipca 2010

coma - zaprzepaszczone siły...

Today I learned that my foot is broken in some way (and yes, I went through 3 weeks) and wait for my surgery at 8:30 am -, - cool. no i still can not walk and I've to sit for about 2 weeks in the ass. So I hope that I'll have warsaw internet, can not will get bored and so I suspect though that it does not stand in one place. and take pictures of today's pizza was delicious (how spontaneous was also a movie) and in the brief of what I was wearing today. the new things leggings and top, as usual, nothing particularly striking. leggisno-jeans useful to me to be certainly in the autumn, would do well to make a list of things needed to fall .. Yeah. I'll not bore you here longer, good night tomorrow I've to get up at 7 am, fucking.

4 komentarze:

  1. I hope your foot heals REAL fast!!! That sucks having a broken foot..must be painful! WE wish you a FASTTTTTT recovery!!! That tomato sauce look DELICIOUS!!! yummmm
    Have a GRRRRREAT summer! All the bEST!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  2. to ta słynna pizza :D Fajne pierścienie i kamizelka :D

  3. I love love your vest, its so amazing and and your rings, too!!!:)