piątek, 30 lipca 2010

coma - zaprzepaszczone siły...

Today I learned that my foot is broken in some way (and yes, I went through 3 weeks) and wait for my surgery at 8:30 am -, - cool. no i still can not walk and I've to sit for about 2 weeks in the ass. So I hope that I'll have warsaw internet, can not will get bored and so I suspect though that it does not stand in one place. and take pictures of today's pizza was delicious (how spontaneous was also a movie) and in the brief of what I was wearing today. the new things leggings and top, as usual, nothing particularly striking. leggisno-jeans useful to me to be certainly in the autumn, would do well to make a list of things needed to fall .. Yeah. I'll not bore you here longer, good night tomorrow I've to get up at 7 am, fucking.

czwartek, 29 lipca 2010

justice dvno

it's delicious love it

skirt - stradivarius
shirt%, vest% - zara
glasses% - h&m
necklace- no name

sandals - new look %
remnant photos from Warsaw. so far in my plans (the more distant future for me) is to learn French, refine my 'capability' photo to your last breath in his chest, go on to study photography in Paris and become a famous photographer, beloved by the editors of Vogue. Yeah interesting how much of it happens at my silly century. Now I'm going to for ice cream in the rain and see the object I haven't seen the shooting.

środa, 28 lipca 2010

warsau; day 1

Well, have thought that Warsaw may be pretty, interesting and inspiring at all now. As you can see pictures taken in my new treasure, so now I will overwhelm you with a residual of pictures. fear! Flee now, because I spend a little time for family, I'll add the rest of the photos in the afternoon. bb

środa, 14 lipca 2010

the rolling stones - bitch

in fall big shit will waiting for me, but who cares..
it's too hot, i die. plans at holidays is nice, in sunday i'll arrive to my uncle, near Warsau. maybe i'll buy something if i won't give money for iced coffe etc. and at this weekend i'll go to buy my new digital camera! so so so exited. now i'm going to watched ' wy, children from zoo station'. bb!

piątek, 9 lipca 2010

doe deer

'ambitions' -,-

some report on the past few days:

-Wake Up by 11 (which I consider a success because it's  temporarily living in my two-year-old cousin)

-Swimming swimming swimming swimming, and once again, as I said I've great ambitions for weight loss (don't want to know who's a repeat post already), as well as for the curious i'm not thin -, - Let us dispense with

-Meditation and meditation may not only dreaming?
about the future, more than high school. carefully about studying abroad. I know it sounds weird, because I am only 13 years and already thinking about college. yes, I know that during those six years were enough time to change the decision of 328480 times but I would have somehow addressed.

btw as well as fashion (the last bored you with my life miserable and I apologize for) I feel a serious lack of jewelry, specifically in necklaces (crosses, chains of size L) and bracelets (studs, spikes, etc.).
Moreover, as usual, I concluded that my wardrobe is very colorful and would do well to buy something black, cream, white and gray.